Past Projects

Prosthetic hand and socket

The 3D printed prosthetic socket was custom designed for an arm amputee. The socket was designed off a 3D scan of the amputee’s arm to ensure a perfect, bespoke fit. The lattice socket provides a breathable and strong shell that supports the hand. The socket tightness is adjustable via an integrated ratchet system. This system was designed to be a low cost, low maintenance solution for those in need of assistance.

The Aero RAKE

The aero rake is a 3D printed, configurable rake, designed to be used for pressure testing on various vehicles to establish their aerodynamic properties. The rake was printed in Onyx and used in aerodynamic testing on a Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO to optimize the vehicle’s setup.

Flow Straightener

This project is a sheet metal flow straightener designed for a small-scale wind tunnel. The flow straightener assists in creating laminar airflow inside the wind tunnel during aerodynamic testing.

V-Chute Project

This V-chute was reverse engineered for a crushing and mining company. The Chute has multiple settings to direct bulk material in either/both directions. The structure consists mainly of sheet metal.

wake tower project

Conceptual design of an electric foldable wake tower for leisure boats. This allows boats to collapse the wake tower and move under bridges safely at the push of a button.

FEA simulations

Various FEA solutions have been provided, ranging from structural beams to mountain bike components. 

Trailer Project

Custom trailer for an aluminum pontoon boat. The trailer was measured and reverse-engineered for re-manufacturing and improvements.